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Magic Gumball International is proud to be the leading manufacturer in the Gumball, Candy Vending Industry!

Who are we?

We are the magic Gumball Family, born & raised in Chatsworth California 1995.
We are the most complete gumball & candy machine company in the world.
Large machines, small dispensers & fun characters, are all part of our entertainment collectibles.

What do we do?
We design, build & manufacture the world's best gumballs, candy, dispensers & machines.

What are we committed to?
To excellence in every aspect of our business.
Provide customers with the best, most courteous service.
Offer the best, highest quality, gumball candy & other profitable products
Maintain the best value guarantee .

What is our mission?
To spread joy & fun to people of all ages everywhere!

Who buys our products?
Kids & Adults everywhere, that love candy, magic gumballs & want a fun experience for only 25 cents .
Store & business owners who want to offer a fun treat for their visitors and make amazing profits 88 cents on every $1.00
Entrepreneurs who love a cash flow business that is fun, easy and has tremendous opportunities!
Buyers for candy stores or candy departments that want to maximize the profit and their customer's shopping experience!

Thanks for choosing Magic Gumball!

800. 576. 2020
9310 Mason Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311
Tel. 818. 716. 1888 / Fax. 818. 341. 4234
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